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Heidelberg Brugsig 1880 - AppBrugsig gained its name from the view from inside the house on the railway bridge.
According to tradition, this house was used during the war as a hideaway for
woman. A farm worker and his child rode to the house when they were being
shot at. Th e child jumped from the horse and was supposedly shot dead.


Heidelberg doornboom - AppOpposite on the corner of the street the original farmstead Doornboom or the Fourie House is situated. Th is is the oldest house in town. Th e house has been extensively renovated by the Fourie Trust as you can see on the pictures.This single story T-shaped house with its sod- and mud-patched walls, its trusses of yellow wood and poplar poles, and thatched roof with fl axen yarn, still stands after 270 years.

Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk)

Heidelberg grote kerk - AppThe Historic NG Church. This is the second NG Church built in Heidelberg. In 1862, probationer Daneel received call as first minister and on January 13, 1856, the first members of the consistory were installed and the first four children were baptized in the old School Church. The need for a larger building arose and the foundation stone for the new Church building was laid on March 17, 1872, the silver communion-chalices and the baptismal font being ordered from London. The second church building was consecrated on July 19, 1873. Fearing a local uprising within the quiet Afrikaner community, the British tried hard to conceal news of the skirmish. For this reason, they buried the fallen in the cellars of the warehouse's outbuildings.

Heidelberg Golfbaan


Heidelberg Golf Course

Hit the Bell and win a case of Bells Whiskey.

Slaan die legendariese Klok raak en wen n Kas Whiskey.


Heidelberg Golf Course/Golfbaan (Hit the Bell, Slaan die Klok)

Heidelberg Golf Course

Nico Steyn

Tel: 028 722 1573 (Golf Course)

Cell: 083 226 3091

Heidelberg Hotel

Hotel Heidelberg - AppThe Heidelberg Hotel is a well-known landmark in Heidelberg. The date on the building is 1932, the same year that the hotel was restored in an Art Deco style. The original date of the building is unfortunately unknown. According to town residents the Hotel is definitely older than a 100 years. The original building was built in the Victorian style with wrought iron verandah's.

Heidelberg Town Hall

Heidelberg Townhall Municipaliteit - AppHeidelberg Town Hall was inaugurated in 1913. Regular meetings and movies over
weekends led to people saying: "In fact, Heidelberg is getting more like London
every day". The Town Hall is still being used for public events.

Magistrate's Building (1882)

Heidelberg The old magistrate building in Van Riebeek Street - AppFurther down the road on your left hand side is the old Magistrate's building. This house has a exceptional staircase and has most of its fittings still intact. The court and offices were on the ground floor, and the residence on the top floor. This beautifully kept building is now a private residence.

St Barnabas Anglican Church

Heidelberg St Barnabas Anglican Churh of 1889 - AppAcross the road on Van Riebeeck Street is the St Barnabas Church. The first St Barnabas Anglican Church was build in 1859. The present striking white building (dating to 1889) replaced the older building. The Anglican congregation's first chapel was consecrated in 1860. At the same time (1865) 16 pupils attended school in the building next door.


Stone Post Office

Heidelberg Postkantoor - AppThe stone Post Office building dates back to 1936. The building is frequently
photographed by tourists due to the similar named Post Office in Heidelberg Germany.

Vlakte Marathon


Vlakte Marathon

28 November 2015

From Heidelberg to Witsand .

Here in the Southern Cape on The Explorers Garden Route.

A 42.2 km,21.1 km and a 10.4 km Marathons