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Heidelberg doornboom - AppOpposite on the corner of the street the original farmstead Doornboom or the Fourie House is situated. Th is is the oldest house in town. Th e house has been extensively renovated by the Fourie Trust as you can see on the pictures.This single story T-shaped house with its sod- and mud-patched walls, its trusses of yellow wood and poplar poles, and thatched roof with fl axen yarn, still stands after 270 years.

It used to be the house of Louis Fourie, founding father of Heidelberg, who fled to South Africa in 1688 with the French Huguenots. In 1716, he obtained grazing rights from Governor Van der Stel on the farms Doornboom and "De Duivenhoks aan de Wagendrift ", and in 1733 Doornboom was registered in
his name.