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Dutch Reformed Church/NG Kerk

Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk)

Heidelberg grote kerk - AppThe Historic NG Church. This is the second NG Church built in Heidelberg. In 1862, probationer Daneel received call as first minister and on January 13, 1856, the first members of the consistory were installed and the first four children were baptized in the old School Church. The need for a larger building arose and the foundation stone for the new Church building was laid on March 17, 1872, the silver communion-chalices and the baptismal font being ordered from London. The second church building was consecrated on July 19, 1873. Fearing a local uprising within the quiet Afrikaner community, the British tried hard to conceal news of the skirmish. For this reason, they buried the fallen in the cellars of the warehouse's outbuildings.

Many years later, during restorations to the building, skeletons under the fl oor confi rmed theses rumours. Just opposite the store, on the property of the Dutch Reformed Church, a memorial stone is to be found erected in honor of those who died during this war.