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Thyme to Relish

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Thyme to Relish Coffee Shop / Koffieshop en Restaurant

( Breakfast & Lunches, Functions from Burgers, Fish & Chips to Steak, Sunday Lunches, Ontbyt en Ligte etes, Vis & Skyfies, Alle Funksies ,Sondag middag etes)



Restaurant, tea garden or coffee shop offering breakfast, light lunches, cakes and sweets as well as something to drink. Find Thyme to Relish at the back of the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau which also houses the Blombos Museum of Archaeology. Overlooking the fenced-in rock fountain or palinggat where they hand feed the freshwater eels every day at 11:00. When the old Palinggat farmstead was built in 1811, the eels were already there.


A large lawn surrounds the building where one can spot the odd tortoise feeding on the lawn. There are indigenous trees such as the coral and the melkhout trees and the lawn is bordered by a green area of fynbos. This area is the habitat of various species of birds such as the kingfisher as well as bush buck, steenbok and duiker. You might see them come out of the bush to browse because they are not bothered and therefore not afraid. They live in green areas all over the town and are a familiar sight in and around town.

Seating is sprinkled around the lawn under umbrellas and trees as well as on the covered veranda which can be completely closed in the event of bad weather. Nothing pretentious, but the atmosphere is warm, homely and peaceful what with the quiet music in the background and the constant birdsong in the trees. Personal service, delicious creatively presented food, what more do you want? Be on the look-out for the specials of the day as announced on a black board which you pass on the way in.


Thyme to Relish is also a beautiful and popular venue for functions such as birthday celebrations and year end functions.


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