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PVB Knives / PVB Messe Heidelberg

PVB Knives

PVB Knives / PVB Messe Heidelberg
Knife artisan in Heidelberg, hand-crafting knives with blades from re-cycled or up-cycled materials. Mesmaker van handvervaardigde messe met lemme van veredelde materiale en skrootmetaal. He specialises in hand-crafted blades from up-cycled materials as well as the repairing of nicks in the cutting edge of knives.

Likewise he fixes broken handles and will also sharpen your knife. At PVB Knives you will find artisan cutting goods such as kitchen utensils, forged hand-crafted knives and more. Not only does Pieter design and make different styles of knives, but he also works with clients to design their ideal knife. He keeps them informed on this progress along the process of manufacturing the knife. Anyone wanting a real craftsmen's knife, Pieter is the one to approach for a custom order.


Types of Knives from PVB Knives
Pieter makes different types of knives such as Bowie knives, cleavers as well as mini cleavers and chef knives. Also no-nonsense survival knives, Viking utility knives, hunter/skinning knives and rustic camper knives. He also makes Puuko knives which is a small traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife. Furthermore he makes an all-purpose knife traditionally used by, among others, the Inuit, called Ulu. One version of this knife is a blade in the form of a triangle. The sharp end of the blade (wide end of the triangle) is round and the handle sits on the top side of the triangle. The force is thus over the middle of the blade hence you cut through a rocking motion.

PVB Knives uses different materials for the scales or handles of the knives such as Rhodesian teak, red bush-willow burl and zebrano. Also lead-wood, stag horn, wild olive and hessian micarta which is a mixture of hessian and fibreglass resin. Some blades are decorated with beautifully engraved intrinsic patterns which make them so exquisite, they simply have to live in pouches.


Handgemaakte messe in Heidelberg
PVB Messe spesialiseer in handgemaakte messe met lemme van veredelde materiale. So ook die herstel van happies in die snykant van messe en gebreekte handvatsels. Hy maak ook messe skerp. By PVB Messe sal jy vakmanvervaardigde snygereedskap kry soos kombuis gereedskap, gesmede handgemaakte messe en meer. Hy maak ook messe op bestelling volgens aanwysings van die kliƫnt.

Pieter maak verskillende tipes messe soos vleismesse, slagmesse, oorlewingsmesse ens. Hy gebruik ook verskillende soorte hout vir die handvatsels, asook horing en 'hessian micarta' wat 'n mengsel is van sakgoed en veselglashars.
PVB Messe stal ook messe uit by verskillende skoue en feesgeleenthede.




Cell: 084 659 7652