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Beach House Upholstery

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Beach House Upholstery Stilbaai
For all your upholstery, stitching and fixing of diving suits, tents, canvas products, etc. in Still Bay. Vir alle stoffering, heelmaak en stik van duikpakke, tente, seilprodukte, ens.

Beach House Upholstery specialises in upholstery of different stuff such as seats of straight back chairs, lounge suites and easy chairs. Likewise they upholster cushions for cane furniture, headrests for beds, car seats and boat seats, etc. Furthermore they can repair and stitch your diving suit, tent, backpack or any other canvas product that needs fixing and stitching. Ask them to cover your boat seat or the cushions of your patio furniture with transparent plastic to protect them from getting wet and dirty.

In addition they restore old furniture and make them new again. They are masters when it come to white washing of furniture thus one can buy whitewashed furniture from them or let them whitewash yours. Of course they use other colours for the painting of furniture as well.

Beach House Stoffering Stilbaai
Beach House Stoffering spesialiseer in stoffering van stoele en banke, karsitplekke asook bootsitplekke. So ook doen hulle stikwerk en herstel van tente, duikpakke, seilrugsakke en ander seilprodukte. Hulle kan ook die kussings van jou stoepmeubels en jou boot oortrek met beskermende plastiek teen nattigheid.

Verder is hulle meesters van die verf van meubels, die nuutmaak van ou meubels asook die afwit van meubels. Jy kan dit klaar afgewit koop of joune laat afwit of verf.

Beretha Beukes

Tel:  028 754 3473

Cell:  071 195 1274

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Main Road West

OK Grocer Building (Parking Area Section)