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AC Oosthuizen Prokureurs - Attorneys

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AC Oosthuizen Prokureurs - Attorneys – STILBAAI
Looking for a Lawyer or attorney in Stilbaai, AC Oosthuizen Attorneys in Still Bay West is here to serve. Visit her for all your legal advice or legal services. Annemarie Oosthuizen is a lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience. Well known in the community for offering the best legal representation and legal services in the area.


Their offices are located in Stilbaai West’s main road, near the Engen Garage in the Plattebosch Centre. They offer their services to Still Bay and the surrounding area.


Legal Services offered:
AC Oosthuizen offers a multitude of legal services and advice, including:
Conveyancing Lawyer in Stilbaai
    When selling or buying real property, the title deed need to be legal passed from buyer to seller. The preparation of the legal documents required can be confusing, and AC Oosthuizen Attorneys gladly assists in this process.
Criminal law, General and Civil Litigation
   AC Oosthuizen Attorneys handles any legal action, be it criminal, general or civil cases. They make every effort to settle a case out of court, and conduct a pre-suit investigation as well as negotiating terms with the opposing party. Their qualified lawyers will also represent and defend clients’ in court if necessary.
Divorce and family law
    Family law can often times be very emotional and difficult. That is why AC Oosthuizen Attorneys offers to guide, advice and help when it comes to such delicate situations. From prenuptial agreements to divorce settlements, these attorneys promise to handle each case with care and respect, making the transition as painless and easy as possible.
• Contracts
    Often time’s contracts are made in good faith, either orally or quickly written down. This can have devastating consequences if one of the parties involved does not honour the contract. For this reason AC Oosthuizen Attorneys offer to write up legal, binding contracts, where both parties are held accountable in the eyes of the law. If a party refuses to fulfil their part of the contractual agreement, AC Oosthuizen will protect their client’s rights and pursue the situation further.
Estates, Wills and Trusts
    When a loved one passes away, the last thing grieving friends and family needs is messy paperwork that needs to be sorted out. That is why AC Oosthuizen advises clients to make arrangements for their families in case this becomes a reality.
AC Oosthuizen Attorneys will help you construct a will, be it joint wills, simple wills, living wills or testamentary trust wills. If you want a third party to hold your assets without owning them, you will need to set up a trust, where a trustee controls your assets on behalf of the trust beneficiaries. This is often done when underage children are involved.
The capable lawyers at AC Oosthuizen Attorneys will explain the different types of trusts and also advise you on the pros, cons and challenges of a trust. They will then help you to set up and administer a trust that suits your individual needs. Assisting with the planning and administration of estates is another service offered.
Debt recovery
• Administrative law issues
• Labour law issues
• Drunk driving
• Slander
• Liability
• Crimen injura
• And many more

A man who represents himself, has a fool for a client.’ – Abraham Lincoln


AC Oosthuizen Prokureurs – Regsfirma in Stilbaai


Annemarie Oosthuizen Prokureur of regsverteenwoordiger vir kwaliteit en betroubare regsdienste in Stilbaai.
Annemarie het meer as 30 jaar ervaring, en maak seker dat sy en haar span net die beste diens lewer. Hulle kantore kan gevind word in die Plattebosh Sentrum naby die Engen garage.Op


Algemene Regsdienste in Stilbaai:
AC Oosthuizen bied 'n wye verskeidenheid regsdienste aan, insluitend:
Oordragtes en Aktes
    Indien eiendom verkoop of gekoop word moet die titelakte van die koper na die verkoper oorgedra word. AC Oosthuizen se akteprokureurs help u met die prosses deur die domkumentasie voor te berei en te registreer by die aktekantoor.
Algemene, Kriminele en Siviele Litigasie
    AC Oosthuizen Prokureurs help u met enige regssituasie se litigasie. Hulle probeer altyd om buite die hof te skik, maar indien dit nie moontlik is nie sal hulle gekwalifiseerde prokureurs jou saak namens jou in die hog verdedig.
Egskeiding en Huwelikskontrakte
    Om in die huwelik te tree of 'n huweliksineenstorting te hanteer is beide emosionele sake. Dit is dus beter om vir AC Oosthuizen te vra om hierdie sitausies te hanteer. Die betroubare prokureurs hou beide hulle kliënte en kinders wat betrokke is se belange op die hart.
    In 'n Klein dorpie soos Stilbaai is ons geneig om 'n ooreenkoms sommer mondeliks en met 'n handskud te bevestig. AC Oosthuizen Regsdienste wil u egter beskerm en bied dus aan om wettiglike, bindende kontrakte op te stel. Indien een van die partye nie hulle kontrak eer nie, is 'n bekwame regspan op hande om u regte te beskerm.
Testamente, Trusts en Boedels
    Dit is baie belangrik om voorberei te wees vir enige situasie, al is dit hoe onplesierig. Dis hoekom AC Oosthuizen Prokureurs vir u will help om 'n boedel te beplan, 'n geldige testament op te stel en 'n trust te skep. Indien 'n geliefde afsterf hanteer hulle die boedelbereddering en bied ook aan om as trustee op te tree.
• Skuldinvordering
• Administratiewe- en arbeidsregsake
• Dronk bestuur
• Saakbeskadiging
• Laster
• Persoonlike aanspreeklikheid
• En vele meer.


Kontak AC Oosthuizen vir al u regshulp 

Plattebosch Centre

168 Main Road West




Tel: 028 754 3307

Fax: 028 754 3308

Cell: 084 778 7902

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