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Dr Karin du Plessis Dentist/Tandarts

Dr Karin Du Plessis 

 Dr Karin du Plessis Tandarts Dentist, Bella Dent

Dr Karin Du Plessis Tandarts / Dentist - is situated in the beautiful countryside of Riversdale Western Cape. She provides high quality dental service to the surrounding community of Riversdale, Stilbaai, Heidelberg, Van Wyksdorp, Witsand, Ladismith, Gouritsmond and Albertinia.


Services offered by Dr Karin du Plessis Tandarts / Dentist, Bella Dent

1) Restorative dentistry:

The aim is to restore teeth that are defective. This might be due to trauma, disease or abnormal development. Treatment includes aesthetic crown and bridge work and placement of white dental fillings. Safe removals of Amalgam metal fillings are also done at their practice.


2) Orthodontic braces:

Involves treatment of misaligned and crowded teeth and correction of problematic malocclusions. The surgery is also equipped with a digital dental x-ray machine that takes Cephalometric and Panoramic images that aids in the diagnoses and treatment of these conditions. Feel free to visit the Facebook page for some images of her life transforming cases.


3) Pediatric Dentisty (Peodontontic dental treatment)

Dr Karin Du Plessis has special interest in pediatric dentistry, which is the dental care and -treatment of children. Being a mother herself, to her four beautiful girls, has given her a deeper understanding to connect with kids.


4) Preventative dentistry:

This entails routine cleanings, scale-and-polish, fluoride treatments, nutritional counselling and informative mouth hygiene sessions.


5) Whitenings

Many patients now enjoy their bright new smiles obtained by the professional bleaching sessions they received at this dental practice.


6) Extractions

Dr Karin's patients testify that their experience was painless and non-traumatic when coming to the surgery for the pulling of their teeth (extraction). Her gentle way helps to calm the nerves.


7) Dentures

Dr Karin Du Plessis has a philosophy: if you can chew properly, you can eat properly and live healthy. With this in mind, she and her Dental Lab Technician will construct and plan either a full set of dentures or a partial set of dentures according to the patient's individual needs.


Make an appointment today for your check up and dental treatment plan.

The whole family is welcome at this friendly and professional Dental practice. They love their Creator and therefore love to take care of His creation.


Dr Karin du Plessis Tandarts

Sy werk en is woonagtig in Riversdal. Hier bedien Dr Karin ‘n wye gemeenskap wat die areas van Stilbaai, Heidelberg, Witsand, Albertinia, Van Wyksdorp, Gouritsmond en Ladismith insluit.


Dr Karin du Plessis Tandarts bied die volgende dienste aan:

Herstellings, kroon- en- brug werk, veilige verwydering van metaal herstellings en die maak van kunsgebitte. Roetine skaleer- en- polering van tande, bleikings prosedures askook diens verskaffing van pediatriese tandheelkunde vir kinders. Die praktyk beskik oor ‘n digitale x-straal masjien wat gebruik word vir die diagnose van veelvuldige tandheelkundige probleme. Wortelkanaal behandelings word ook gedoen. Ortodonsie (of te wel draadjies) is ook een van hierdie tandarts se gunstelinge.


Kontak gerus die spreekkamer vandag!

028 713 3096

065 842 8898

5 Heidelberg Weg



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