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Gas Elektrik

Gas Electric


Gas Elektrik (Solar Panels, Air Conditioning, Electrical Wiring, Electrician, Gas Installation, Elektriese Bedrading,Water Pompe, Lugversorging, Son Panele, Solar Water Verwarming sowel as Lugversorging en Gas & Ligtoebehore. Alle Elektriese bedrading, Verkoeling, water pompe en reperasies van Elektriese toestelle)

Gas-Elektrik vir al jou bedrading van geboue en alle elektriese herstelwerk,Waterpompe, Elektrisieën en gas installasies ons verskaf en installeer ook solar Panele, waterpompe,lugversorging en doen ook gas installasies in die Hessequa Suid kaap area.Gas Elektrik Riversdale wiring of buildings and servicing all elektrical needs,we also specialise in solar ,airconditioning and gas installations.We are in  Riversdale under the Sleeping  beauty here in the Southern Cape in the explorers garden route.


Electrical Contractors in Riversdale do electrical wiring, fix electrical equipment, install gas equipment, air conditioners, water pumps as well as solar panels.

Gas Elektric are by and large electricians specialising in electrical wiring of new buildings. They also specialise in the installation of all solar panels for solar water heating. Likewise they specialise in installing air conditioning, lights and water pumps.

They also repair electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, and refrigerators as well as do all electrical maintenance.

Furthermore Gas Elektric Riversdale specialise in gas installations and appliances and the maintenance thereof.

Gas Elektric is in Riversdale, consequently at the foot of the Sleeping Beauty. This is in the Hessequa Southern Cape Region and of course along the explorers garden route. They also work in Heidelberg, Albertinia, Still Bay, Jongensfontein, Gouritsmond and Witsand.

Gas Elektric Riversdal
Hulle is elektriese kontrakteurs in Riversdal. Hierdie elektrisiëns spesialiseer in elektriese bedrading van nuwe geboue sowel as die installering van sonkragpanele vir sonkragverwarming van water. Gas Electric installeer ook lugversorgers of lugverkoelers, waterpompe en ligtoebehore.

Gas Elektric Riversdal doen ook herstelwerk van elektriese toestelle soos mikrogolfoonde en yskaste.

Ook spesialiseer hulle in die installering en onderhoud van gas-toerusting.

Gas Elektrik Riversdale

13 Main Rd




Stephan Barnard

Tel : 028 713 2466/7

Fax: 028 713 3083

Cell: 082 492 2769

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Adam  Barnard

Cell: 082 457 3093

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