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Footloose Inc Wood Hand Crafted Lamps

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Footloose Inc Wood Hand Crafted Lamps in Heidelberg

Ingenious hand crafted lamps made of wood and recycled items. Morné describes his work as intricate industrial hand crafted lamps. He is one of those brilliantly creative people who can look at an outdated item and see a unique new use for it. Then he applies his mechanical and artistic abilities to create what he sees in his mind.

Morné uses wood for the very clever stands of the lamps. He makes bed lamps, lamps for the table top as well as standing lamps on tripods. Some of these stands resemble a doggy standing on all fours, a rooster on two feet as well as a little seated man. Some can even swing their legs! In essence he makes use of recycled materials, but you can place a special order with him made of the specific wood of your choice.


Footloose Inc Lamp Shades
Imagine your lighting coming from a doggy with an old copper flowerpot for a head in which the light bulb is fixed. Or maybe a rustic lamp at your work bench in the garage being a rooster with an outdated aluminium cooking pot for a head from where the light shines over your work space. Can you imagine a little man sitting and swinging his legs with an old fashioned tin grater for a head! There is no end to the ideas of this talented young man working on his wood craft lights. He uses old glass flasks, pots, tins, kettles, wooden barrels, even large sea shells and enamel basins for these special handmade crafts.

Of course these classical wood craft lights will make the most interesting and original gifts ever. So ladies, delight your guy with one of these ingeniously unique lamps.


Footloose Inc Products
Of course you will not find any of his creations in shops on the high street. His products are available at the well-known 'Inspired' just east of Heidelberg on the N2 between Cape Town and George. Be sure to stop at the refurbished milk shed with the green roof and the white picket fences. The creations will blow your mind!


Footloose Inc in Heidelberg
Vernuftige handgemaakte lampe van hout en ander herwonne items. Morné gebruik hout as die staander van die lamp en maak die skerm van enige geskikte ou artikel soos bakke en blikke.

So ook potte, houtvaatjies, koekpanne, glasflesse, raspers en emmers. Hierdie man se kreatiwiteit is eindeloos!

Besoek Inspired net oos van Heidelberg op die N2 en koop 'n unieke geskenk vir iemand spesiaal. Daar sal nie nog iemand wees met so 'n lamp nie, want elkeen is uniek en handgemaak.


Morné Pretorius

Cell: 082 432 4346

Footloose Inc Wooden Hand Crafted Lamps


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