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Albertinia Ingeneurswerke & Staalstrukture

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke & Staalstrukture

Albertinia Ingeneurswerke & Staalstrukture - Albertinia Engineering Works & Steel Structures


Albertinia Engineering Works and Steel Structures offers a variety of services and products and are situated in Albertinia. With extensive knowledge and engineering equipment, this company offers professional commercial and industrial engineering services. A large part of their work in this area can be found in the agricultural industry, where they are highly praised for their services.


Albertinia Engineering Works and Steel Structures (Albertinia Steelworks) specialises in the production of large steel structures and manufacture agricultural implements. They are known to conceptualise, design, build and rig steel structures for any industry sector. Plain hangers, workshops, large factories, sheds of different sizes, stores and canopies are some of the structures they design and build. Each structure is customized to the specific needs of their clients, and each job is professionally and diligently completed.


In the engineering shop products are created using different machining techniques, such as grinding, broaching, hobbing and milling. Some of the equipment accessible to them include milling machines,turntables, drill presses, lathes, sandblasting equipment and welding machines. Metal fabrication processes, such as bending, welding and cutting are used to create products.
Products and Implements offered


The T-Rex
         This spreader is used to spread sand, lime, manure, gypsum, compost, dolomite and fertiliser. It spreads its load evenly and accurately up to 13 meters wide. A tractor of at least 140kW is needed in order to keep the spreader moving.
• Pick-ups (bakkies), the bodies of lorries and trailers can be specially customized to your needs
• Manufacture liquid tanks in trailer format
• Steel fencing and work involving steel mesh
• Large steel structures, such as sheds, factories, hangers, etc.
• Designing and building equipment to the client’s specification
• Fitting and Turning needs
• Bending,welding and cutting of metals


Albertinia Ingeneurswerke en Staalstrukture


Hierdie maatskappy ontwerp en vervaardig groot staalstrukture en implemente om enige kliënt se behoeftes te vervul. Hulle werk in die kommersiële, industriële en landbou sektors. Hulle rig groot staalstrukture, insluitende skure, fabrieke, afdakke en store op. Verder gebruik hulle kennis en topgehalte masjienerie om enige staal implement te ontwerp en te vervaardig.


Hierdie masjienerie sluit in staanbore, slypmasjiene, sae, skawe en kartelmasjiene. Sowel as draaibanke,
Van die produkte wat hulle vervaardig, sluit in:


Die T-Rex
     'n Strooier wat deur 'n 140kW trekker getrek word en kalk, dolomite, gips, sand, ens egalig en akkuraat versprei
• Aangepaste vragmotors, sleepwaens en bakke van bakkies
• Verskillende staalprodukte, soos staalheinings, staalhekke, staaltrappe ens ens
• Sny en buig van metale
• Staal sweisswerk


Nywerheids Ave




Odendaal Koen

Tel: 028 735 1471

Cell: 082 306 0635

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