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DJ Electronics & Electrical

DJs Electronics and Electrical

DJ Electronics & Electrical

For all electronic installations and repairs of electronic equipment as well as electrical installations and repairs in Still Bay. Also solar installations and rewiring of boat engines.

DJ Electronics & Electrical specialises in upgrades and repairs of all electronic equipment such as televisions and radios. Likewise Hi-Fis as well as two-way UHF and VHF radios, e.g. walkie-talkies.


They also install DSTV and the Open View HD (OVHD) free digital satellite TV services. Also StarSat satellite television provider. After installation, they will tune it in. They will also follow up any problems you might encounter with any of these systems. Furthermore they do internet set-ups as well as repairs. Also RJ-45 computer network cabling.

In addition DJ Electronics and Electrical do electrical upgrades, fault repairs as well as new installations. They install LED lights which saves up to 90% on your lighting costs. Also LED strip lights e.g. as accent lighting on stairs indoors and out.


DJ's also specialises in solar systems and power saving networks. Since they are all for saving energy, they do solar installations, inverters and repeaters and solar panels. Solar storage batteries are needed to store the energy the solar panels generated while there was sun. In renewable energy systems deep cycle batteries are used because they can be discharged and recharged repeatedly. They can also provide solar battery charging networks for all types of battery charging needs such as electric gate openers, fence chargers and more.

In conclusion DJ's also do rewiring of boat engines. They install solar power on boats as well as lights.


DJ's Electronics & Electrical work from Still Bay to Mossel Bay including towns like Riversdale.


DJ Elektroniese- en Elektriese dienste in Stilbaai


Hulle dienste sluit in installering en herstel van elektroniese toerusting bv. TV's, Hi-Fi's radio's en tweerigting radio's. So ook installeer hulle digitale satelliet televisiedienste soos DSTV, OVHD en StarSat. Hulle stel dit ook in en sorteer enige probleme vir jou uit. Verder doen hulle internet-installasies en onderhoud.

So ook doen hulle nuwe elektriese installasies, foutherstel en ook opgraderings. Hulle moedig die gebruik en istallasie van  van LED beligting aan. So ook doen hulle herbedrading van bootenjins asook beligting op bote en installeer ook sonkragstelsels op bote.

Hulle spesialiseer ook in sonkrag stelsels vir kragbesparing. Sonpanele, installasies, sonkrag batterye wat die opgewekte energie stoor tot dit gebruik kan word.


Hulle werk van Stilbaai tot in Mosselbaai, insluitende dorpe soos Riversdal.


Danie Ackerman

Cell: 081 333 3185

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