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Mass Hire / Verhuring



Mass Hire/ Bougereedskap verhuring (Hand Tools, Powertools, Scaffolding, Compaction, Generators, Kragopwekkers, Tiolets, Cutters, Bou-Gereedskap, Krag en Handgereedskap)


Mass Hire / Verhuring Stilbaai
Plant and machinery hire services in Still Bay for renting building equipment, power tools and hand tools as well as scaffolding and garden equipment. Bougereedskap, hand- en kraggereedskap, steierwerk en tuinwerk-toerusting te huur.


Mass Hire Equipment for rent in Still Bay and Jongensfontein
-Compaction equipment such as walk behind rollers, rammers, plate compactors, hand compactors and sit on rollers.

-Concrete equipment like mixers brick cutters, concrete saws and floor grinders.

-Compressors for air supply to a range of air tools such as breakers, jack hammers, rock drills, spray guns, etc.

-Demolition equipment like electric breakers, pound hammers and crow-bars.

-Range of electric generators and welders.

-Electric hand tools like a range of saws, sanders, drills, planers as well as grinders.

-Range of high pressure washers – electric, diesel or petrol.

-Range of water pumps.

-Painting and tiling tools such as tile cutters, step ladders, extension ladders.

-Scaffolding such as planks, trestles, base jacks, self-lock steel boards, tie bars, etc.

-Garden tools including of course wheelbarrows, spades, picks, brush cutter, chain saws and lawn mowers.

-Diggers and loaders such as forklifts, bobcats with operator, K9, tractor-loader-backhoes (TLB), dumpers, etc.

-Crane trucks.

-Miscellaneous tools like hydraulic jacks, blow torches, bolt cutters and chain and blocks. Also builders huts, builders flush toilets, electric lead reels, lighting plants and more.

Mass Hire promises quality equipment, superior service as well as competitive prices.
In the Industrial area in Still Bay on the eastern side of the Goukou River, Hessequa, Western Cape.


44 Ritbar Str

Industrial Area





Chris Olivier

Tel: 028 754 2804

Fax: 028 754 3180

Cell: 082 327 7495

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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