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Stilbaai Pave & Pool

Stilbaai Pave Pool 2

Stilbaai Pave & Pool Stilbaai Swembaddens & Plaveisel

Install new swimming pools and restore old ones. Also build terrace block retaining walls, do paving, storm water drainage and all kinds of earthworks. Stilbaai Pave & Pool (SPP) specialises in building and renovating swimming pools and operates throughout the entire Garden Route. This comprises areas such as Hessequa, Mossel Bay, George, the greater Knysna and as far east as Plettenberg Bay. They make use of quality products only, are reliable and professional and every completed project is a testimonial of their expert workmanship. Moreover, they work in the commercial as well as private sectors.


Stilbaai Pave & Pool Services
Stilbaai Pave & Pool is located in the fast growing coastal town of Still Bay in the Hessequa Municipal area of the Western Cape. Their main focus is on building new swimming pools and restoring existing pools as well as the paving around the pools. In addition they build retaining walls, install storm water drainage and other earthworks.


Building/Installing New Swimming Pools – Stilbaai Pave & Pool
So you want to install a swimming pool for summertime leisure as well as to increase the value of your property. Since this is a costly business, you should keep in mind the ground conditions as well as your budget when choosing the type, size and style of your pool. And, most of all, you should make sure that it is cleverly placed and correctly installed. This is why you need the professionals –


Stilbaai Pave & Pool.

Whether you want a splash pool, a family pool, a rock type pool, a rim-flow pool, a heated pool, a spa pool or Jacuzzi, or even a fish pond, they can realise it. They do everything, including the installation of pumps and heating systems, solar heating pumps, etc. Furthermore they can do the paving around the pool or any other finishing you want around the pool. Discuss your needs as well as the type of pool you want with these professional pool installers.


Pool Types
Fibreglass pools – premoulded fibreglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and is the cheaper and quicker options. The shell of the pool is shipped from the factory to the installation site. It comes with a gel coat satin finish which means you do not need additional finishing after installation.
Marbelite pools – Marbelite comes in different colours. It is the finishing cement based plaster with which they coat gunite and concrete pool surfaces. Marbelite makes the surface of the pool look like marble.
Hand packed concrete pools – a very popular type of pool because of the durability of concrete and the ability to be custom designed. Concrete is porous, though, therefore it has to be finished with Marbelite, paint, tiles, etc. This kind of pool it literally built by hand.
Gunite pools – are flexible and can come in any shape, size and depth. Once the grid is in place along the walls and bottom of the excavation, a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of sand and cement, is sprayed onto the surfaces. This is also finished off with Marbelite, epoxy paint, tiles, etc.


Restoring or Renovating Swimming Pools
Stilbaai Pave & Pool also offers to restore/repair or renovate your damaged swimming pool. The pool might have become stained from algae or cracked as a result of earth movement. Or the Marbelite might be peeling or the gel coat of the fibreglass might be permanently damaged. These people have the equipment as well as the skills to restore your pool to its former glory with a new fibreglass or Marbelite lining.

Perhaps you want to change the style of your old pool or simply want some additions such as steps or water features. Realising your dream is only a phone call away!


Having the equipment to properly prepare the area where paving is needed, Stilbaai Pave & Pool in addition does a lot of paving jobs. Their paving jobs typically include driveways and areas around the house, parking areas, walkways and side-walks. They also do special kinds of paving around swimming pools which involve different kinds of pavers. Furthermore they will do restorative work to existing paving around pool areas and elsewhere, e.g. raising old paving that has sagged or replacing damaged paving.


Terrace Blocks
Some areas along the coastline as well as inland are hilly, thus houses and other buildings are built on slopes causing the need for retaining walls to keep the soil from slipping away. This kind of job needs heavy equipment for transporting the terrace blocks as well as preparing the terraces and laying the blocks.

Storm Water Drainage and All Kinds of Earthworks
While having the heavy earthworks equipment to dig swimming pools, they are also able to do storm water drainage. Such drainage is designed to drain excess rain from streets, side-walks, parking lots, etc. to prevent flooding buildings and streets. So, wherever such heavy equipment is needed, this company can help out.


Stilbaai Swembaddens  & Plaveisel - Stilbaai Pave & Pool Dienste
Hierdie besigheid is in die vinniggroeiende kusdorp van Stilbaai in die Hessequa gebied van die Wes-Kaap.Hulle hooffokus is op die bou van nuwe swembaddens, die herstel van bestaande swembaddens en so ook plavering. Verder bou hulle ook stutmure met terrasblokke, installeer stormwaterdreinstelsels en onderneem ook ander grondwerke.

*Installering van Nuwe Swembaddens Deur Stilbaai Pave & Pool

*Herstel en Restoureer Swembaddens

*Plavering of plaveisel


*Stormwaterdreinering en Grondwerke


Contact us:

Cell: 071 738 1212


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