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Cat Glass & Aluminium Stilbaai

Cat Glass & Aluminium Stilbaai

Cat Aluminium & Glass Still Bay - CAT Glas & Aluminium Stilbaai

Cat Aluminium- en Glasdienste in Stilbaai
Professionele Glas en Aluminiumdienste in die industriële gebied in Stilbaai-oos. Hulle maak en installeer deure, vensters, stortdeure, raamlose stortdeure en so ook balustrades volgens jou spesifikasies. Hulle diens ook bestaande alumimium- en glasdeure en -vensters en so ook sal hulle hout en metaalrame vervang met aluminiumrame.


Aluminium is lig maar hard en onbuigbaar, dit roes nie en hoef nie geverf te word nie. So ook werk hulle met alle soorte bouverwante glas. Verder lewer hulle kwaliteitwerk teen bekostigbare pryse.

Hulle kan ook spieëls voorsien en so ook kan hulle deursigtige diefwering installeer. Weereens roes dit nie, dit hoef nie geverf te word nie en het geen instandhouding nodig nie.

Glass and Aluminium business manufacturing aluminium doors and windows. Also fabricating balustrades, hand railings and frameless shower doors. These window and door specialists are located in the industrial area on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay. A lovely, growing coastal town in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape along the legendary Garden Route.

Cat Aluminium & Glass Stilbaai delivers quality work in good time and their pricing is also reasonable. There is no limit to what can be done with aluminium and glass, and these guys are simply masters of stretching the limits.


Cat Aluminium & Glass – Aluminium work
Trust these window and door specialists to manufacture the door and window frames for you new house. They will fabricate any door – stack, folding or sliding according to your specifications. As well as the windows of your choice, such as casement windows, sliding-and-folding windows, vertical slider windows as well as horizontal slider windows.

Aluminium windows and doors are strong and durable, resisting warping and twisting because of their structural inflexibility. They are both strong and light which enables frames, fittings and sashes to be precise and inconspicuous. Furthermore they do not need painting, they do not rust and there is no match to the security and durability they offer.


Cat Aluminium & Glass Stilbaai does new installations as well as services existing doors and windows. Moreover, they will remove the old wooden door and window frames of your house. They will replace them with aluminium frames, thus giving your house an elegant new look. The answer to all your rust problems as well as the annual maintenance of the wooden frames.

In addition this company also manufactures and installs aluminium and glass balustrades. Also hand railings on stairs as well as around patios, balconies and swimming pools. In a coastal town such as Still Bay, the wind is often a problem on an open patio. Let the specialists close the patio with their frameless folding/sliding doors, creating an unobtrusive view to the outside. At the same time keep the wind from ruining a perfect ‘after the rugby’ braai.


Cat Aluminium & Glass – Glass work
These professional glass-fitters undertake all glass related work on buildings. Their work include windows, glass doors, shower doors as well as frameless shower doors. They replace broken window panes as well as broken glass door panes as well as commercial glazing.

There are many types of glass on the market these days such as bullet proof glass, frosted glass, clear glass, as well as tinted glass. Of course they work with any glass the customer wants. They can advise customers about the best glass to choose for their house, even if the upfront cost might be higher. What with the energy crisis the country is experiencing, customers might want to consider double glazing (two panes of glass and the space between them is filled with dehydrated air). This type of glass acts like an insulation as well as reduces noise. Window tinting offers a high percentage of UV resistance as well as holds glass together when it breaks, thus forms a kind of safety glass.


Be safe, ask the professionals.


Cat Aluminium & Glass Stilbaai – Miscellaneous products
They can also supply mirrors for different uses such as bevelled mirrors or plain domestic mirrors, cut in the size you need. Bevelled mirror are mirrors of which the edges were cut to a specific angle and size to produce a framed look. Very classy and elegant for your bathroom or anywhere else you want to add a mirror for that special final touch.

Furthermore this company can install transparent burglar-proofing in your home or business. Almost invisible, this type of burglar-proofing is popular in coastal areas because it does not rust, nor does it need painting or any other form of maintenance.




9 Ritbar Street

Stilbaai Industrial



Chantell Murray: 062 717 4744

Riaan Moag: 082 702 7669