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Harbour Cottage Crafts - Harbour Cottage Glasprodukte

Harbour Cottage Crafts

Harbour Cottage Crafts - Harbour Cottage Glasprodukte 

Harbour Cottage Crafts is 'n besigheid in Stilbaai wat dekor en onthaaltoerusting met 'n outydse gevoel verhuur. Ook verkoop hulle handgemaakte glasware.

Maak gerus gebruik van hulle oudhede soos ou lanterns, sinkemmers en geroeste erdekomme. Of die ou blou bottels, die staanhorlosie en die piouter fotorame.

Verder is daar skinkborde ingelê met klein mosaiekteëltjies, doringdraadkuns soos harte en balle. So ook pragtige handgemaakte glasware, messegoed, blikborde en bakkies asook glasvase en spieëls, en nog meer.

In die Industriële gebied in Stilbaai-oos in Hessequa, Wes-Kaap.


Company in Still Bay renting out décor and reception equipment with a vintage feel as well as selling handmade glassware.

So, be creative and authentic next time you entertain people or plan an event. Make use of the old lanterns and lantern holders. Or maybe the zinc pails and buckets as well as old rusted enamel basins. Maybe also some of those blue bottles, candles or that old battered mantelpiece clock and pewter photo frames.

In addition there are beautiful trays inlaid with small mosaic tiles. Also art made of rusted barbed wire such as balls and hearts or letters/numbers fixed on zinc stands. Likewise browse among the unique and beautiful handmade glassware. Also cutlery, enamel plates and small bowls as well as glass vases and mirrors, and more. You have to see it for yourself.

So find them in the Industrial area on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay, Western Cape.




Harbour Cottage Crafts
Stilbaai Industrial


Tina-Mari Muir
Cell: 082 376 7741

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