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Langeberg Funeral Home

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Langeberg Funeral Home ( Begrafnisdienste, Begrafnisondernemer hanteer Verassings verskaf Grafstene en Begrafnispolisse, Tombstones and  Cremation for Death Insurance Policy and all your Funeral Services )

Langeberg Begrafnisdienste in Riversdal ,Heidelberg en Stilbaai. 


Funeral and cremation services as well as funeral death insurance policies. We do all the arrangements around the death and funeral of a loved one too.

Langeberg Funeral Home is of course a fully-fledged funeral undertaker. In essence we meet the needs of people in the event of the death of a loved one. We are professionals and in fact we understand the difficulty for the bereaved person to think of everything that have to be done and arranged.

Hence we make it our job to see to every little thing for you. From moving and preparing the body, to the flowers, the coffin, the hearse, the ashes in the case of a cremation, as well as to the tombstone.

In addition we offer funeral death insurance policies. On the whole that will help you cope with the cost of an unexpected funeral of a loved one.

We provide services throughout the Hessequa area in towns like Riversdale, Heidelberg, Still Bay, Jongensfontein and Slangrivier.


Some of our services Langeberg Funeral Home provide:


Arrange the Flowers
Registration of death
Collecting of your loved one and documentation from the place of death, doctor or care facility.
Assisit with organist, minister, verger and chapel
Assist with the print of pamflets
In case of cremation we supply the next of kin with the ashes and cremation certificate.
assist with claim on funeral policies
Tombstones memorials


28 Dickson Street



Francois Geldenhuys

Tel: 028 713 3055

Fax: 028 713 3055

Cell: 082 415 6100

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.