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Max Baise Liquorstore



Max Baise Drankwinkel ( Liquor store or Bottlestore, Wine, Beer, Spirits, Ice, Bottelstoor of Drankwinkel, Wyn, Sterkdrank, Ys, Koue Bier, Brandewyn )

Bottle store in Riversdale for all your beer, wine, spirits, ice, hard liquor and other alcoholic beverages, in short all your alcohol needs.

Visit Max Baise Liquor Store for great specials as well as good prices. In essence they deal in alcohol such as wine and ice cold beer. Also a large variety of spirits such as brandy, vodka, gin, rum, liqueurs as well as ciders and other fruit flavoured alcoholic beverages.

Max Baise Liquor Store also sells ice as well as rent out glasses and do the bar at functions.

Max Baise was a rugby test referee in the 60s as well as the 70s. Although he sold the bottle store store in 2012, his remarkable memorabilia is still there.

To sum up, this Off-sales Outlet of alcoholic beverages is in Riversdale in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape.


Max Baise Bottelstoor
Drankwinkel in Riversdal, Wes-Kaap, wat in al jou sterk drank of alkoholbehoeftes kan voorsien. Koop hier jou wyn, yskoue bier, likeurs, sterk drank, harde hout, soos brandewyn, gin, vodka, rum, asook vrugtewyne (ciders).

Max Baise Bottelstoor verkoop ook ys, verhuur glase en doen funksies.

Max Baise was ‘n rugby toets-skeidsregter in die 60’s en 70’s. Hoewel hy die winkel in 2012 verkoop het, is van sy rugby-aandenkings steeds daar te sien.


H/v Kerkstr  en Warden Straat




Anton Swart

Tel : 028 713 3426

Sel ; 082 443 1740

Faks:028 713 2257

E Pos: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.