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Jongensfontein Betonprodukte

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Jongensfontein Betonprodukte (Lateie, Boublokke, Plavei-stene, Tuinpotte, Keerwalblokke, Tuinmeubels, Steppingstones, Paving Bricks, Lintels, Garden Pots)

Jongensfontein Betonprodukte vir by Stilbaai plaveistene en tuinmeubels en lateie .Kleynhans Tuinpotte,boublokke en keerwalblokke. Jongensfontein  Betonprodukte near Stillbay for paving bricks and garden furniture all garden pots and steppingstones. Kleynhans bricks and also your lintels.


+/- 1 km on Blombos Road

Off Stilbaai/Jongensfontein Road




Freda & Rudie Kleynhans

Tel: 028 755 8974

Cell: 082 500 2273 (Freda)

         072 174 4920 (Rudie)

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.