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Botterkloof Resort/Bird Watching

Botterkloof final

Bird Watching at Botterkloof Resort Stilbaai.

The Botterkloof resort,with our communal facilities and fully equipped chalets ,is a great destination for groups such as bird clubs to stay while birding. Share your daily birding experience around a braai at the pool ,or let us serve you dinner.Voëlkykers paradys.

Botterkloof Resort / Bird Watching( Voëlkykers, Birding and Twitching)

Voëlbesigtiging ,Daar is orals pragtige plekke vir die voëlkyker om te sit en die voëls te geniet.Botterkloof is n voëlkykers paradys.

Botterkloof Resort offer Bird Watching packages and fantastic facilities for the bird lover.Over 90 species is known to have been seen on the resort .Nearby,the Stilbaai beach and harbour as well as the Goukou estuary (a proclaimed nature reserve) have an abundance of birds.

+/_ 5Km outside Stilbaai on the Riversdale (R302)

Botterkloof Road sign just before Inverrouche



Benesia Marcus (Bookings)

Tel: 028 754 2388

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elsa Kruger

Cell: 082 903 6642

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Bird Watching at Botterkloof Resort Stilbaai.

The Botterkloof Resort, with our communal facilities and fully equipped chalets, is a great destination for groups such as bird clubs to stay while birding. Share your daily birding experience around a braai at the pool, or let us serve you dinner.

Interesting species seen at Botterkloof include Cape Batis, Brimstone, Cape White – Throated and Yellow Canaries, African Goshawk, Peregrine Falcon, African Dusky Flycatcher, Brown – hooded and Pied Kingfisher, vast numbers of Common Waxbills as well as Cardinal and Knysna Woodpeckers. There are more than 90 species on the resort.

Nearby, the Stilbaai beach and harbor as well as the Goukou estuary (a proclaimed nature reserve) have an abundance of birds with many excellent bird watching sites.

Botterkloof Bird List

African Fish Eagle                                             Cape Wagtail

African Goshawk                                               Cape Waver

African Hoopoe                                                 Cape White – Eye

African Reed Warbler                                         Cardinal Woodpecker

Alpine Swift                                                      Common Moorhen

Bar – Throated Apalis                                        Common Starling

Barn Swallow                                                    Common Waxbill

Black Cracke                                                     Cuckoo

Black Saw – Wing                                             Double Collard Sunbird

Black – Headed Heron                                       Egyptian Goose

Bokmakierie                                                      Fiery – Necked Nightjar

Canaries                                                           Fiscal Flycatcher

Cape Bulbul                                                      Forktailed Drongo

Cape Longclaw                                                 Giant Kingfisher

Cape Robin – Chat                                            Greenbul

Cape Sparrow                                                   Grey Heron

Cape Spurfowl                                                  Grey Headed Sparrow

Hadeda Ilbis                                                      Redfaced Mousebird

Helmeted Guineafowl                                         Reed Cormorant

Honeyguide                                                      Rock Martin

House sparrow                                                  Sacred Ibis

Jackal Buzzard                                                  Southern Tchagra

Kelp Gull                                                           Speckled Mousebird

Le Vaillant’s Cuckoo                                          Speckled Pigeon

Little Grebe                                                       Spoonbill

Little Rush Warbler                                            Streaky – Headed Seedeater

Little Swift                                                         Striped Swallow

Malachite Sunbird                                              Threepanded Plover

Olive Thrush                                                      Turtle Dove

Paradise Flycatcher                                           White – Rumped Swift

Pin – Tailed Wydah                                            Woodpecker

Red Bishop                                                       Yellow Bishop

Red – Eyed Dove                                              Yellow – Billed Duck

Red – Knobbed Coot