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Inverroche Distillery

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Inverroche Distillery Still Bay , Fynbos Flavoured Gin, Spiced Rum and Liqueurs and spirits. What to do in the Southern cape, Hessequa ,Stilbaai, Riversdale, Jongensfontein region.

Inverroche is an independent distillery which lies on the Southern shores of

Africa. Mellow summers and misty winters create the rich Cape Floral Kingdom from which a range of exceptional spirits are crafted.Gin, Spiced Rum and Liquers a range of diverse spirits.

Inverroche lies at the confluence of the Goukou River and the Indian Ocean near the coastal resort of Stillbay. It is a region rich in natural beauty with rolling hills of pristine limestone, mountain fynbos, dune thicket  and Renosterveld and surrounded with rugged mountains and indigenous forests.


The Distillery is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and fynbos.  Ancient Milkwood trees mark the boundaries of the estate. The stone tower with its pagoda shaped roof peeps over the roof of the old limestone buildings which is now home to the Inverroche Distillery and its range of iconic spirits.

Inverroche distillery produces a range of diverse spirits. The products are distinguished by the fact that they are small batch, limited volume, handcrafted products of exceptional quality, incorporating a range of rare indigenous flora.

They are made slowly combining the skill of the distiller, who knows when to make the perfect cut or blend based on experience, with modern technology which ensures accurate control and processes are employed. The result is consistency and products which are quality guaranteed.

Indigenous and fynbos flora is a main feature of all Inverroche gins, liqueurs and spiced rums and has been used for centuries by the Khoi and San people as medicinal and edible plants.


The practice of using ‘veld food’, herbs, flowers, fruit, berries, bark and seeds to feed, heal, spice up a meal or  invigorate the body or mind was also adopted by the early settlers and continues today.

Aloe vera for example continues to be harvested sustainably from the wild as it has been for centuries. Aloe tappers collect the bitter aloe and harvest the outer leaves in the veld without damaging the plant.

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